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As reported in this space for some time, Council Speaker Christine Quinn runs with a target on her back, having been identified early as the front-runner in the mayoral race and being saddled with the compromise actions that a legislative leader takes when in office. Indicted Assemb. Eric Stevenson was once on her Council staff, which came out in some of the collateral damage of last week's federal indictments. That kind of thing happens in what is traditionally known institutionally as the political branch of government; she represents a caucus of 47 Democrats in a 51-member Council, and thus has been Mayor Michael Bloomberg's partner on negotiating budgets and bills.

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Now an add produced by Democratic consultant Scott Levenson, supported by the likes of CWA leader Arthur Cheliotes and others, is making it to cable TV, assailing Quinn. The Quinn camp spins it as coming from one rival, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, as an end-around to the campaign-finance rules.

A link to the Times' story on the ad is here.