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Capitol Tonghts Liz Benjamin, in covering governor-hopeful Andrew Cuomo's neutrality on a successor for AG,  today mentions something that's been apparent for some time: that Cuomo's early signs of alliance with Kathleen Rice have disappeared. Her anonymous Cuomo source  says  "'Cuomo is worried about Rice's campaign because "there's no message, there's no issues.'" But is that a robust explanation for his reticence viz a five-way primary contest?

With Sen. Eric Schneiderman looking city-strong in the Democratic primary, his purported and widely-reported leftiness may provide an opening in other burgs for Republican candidate and Staten Island DA Dan Donovan. Today Fred Dicker's anonymous Cuomo source -- undoubtedly reliable in representing the AG's "thinking" -- conveys "fear" that Schneiderman could "derail" his "efforts to battle public corruption" and "special interests."

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The overarching question after reading both reports: How much incentive in terms of realpolitik does Cuomo have to care or intervene in the rest of the ticket's races -- at least before the Sept. 14 primary? Would he really have a problem with the GOP capturing an AG office, or a comptroller office, or a legialtive house, or at least having a shot at those lesser offices?