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AG Eric Schneiderman, apologizing for congestion, hoarse throat and runny eyes due to allergies, says he's "allergic to public corruption."

He says "we are not the party of offshore tax avoidance" as part of his theme of "equal justice under the law." He says the GOP should be politely but firmly confronted with that idea.

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He talks about "New York strong" and fighting for people looking to recover underpay for low-wage workers. He tips hat to Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and others on the party ticket. He talks about the $13 billion settlement with JPMorgan Chase recovered with his prodding to help those affected by the national mortgage crisis.

"We cracked down on a company that was scamming active duty soldiers at Fort Drum," he says. Scams "always seem to target our most vulnerable victims," he said.

"We're New York smart," he said, citing a huge heroin bust in Western New York.