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State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said Wednesday a panel appointed by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and legislators are negotiating responses to subpoenas.

Cuomo’s “Commission to Investigate Public Corruption,” informally known as the Moreland Commission, subpoenaed lawmakers earlier this year to get information about outside sources of income. Lawmakers declined, saying they’ve already complied with the state’s beefed-up disclosure laws and that the commission’s request exceeded its authority.

The Senate Republican Campaign Committee legally challenged a commission subpoena; a hearing is slated for next month.

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Schneiderman allied with fellow Democrat Cuomo to form the commission, in part so the AG could deputize the 25 panel members, who included Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice. Schneiderman, who previously said the commission’s primary charge is to make recommendations for changing election laws, indicated talks are ongoing about the subpoenas.

“If it goes to litigation, I’m confident we would prevail,” Schneiderman said. “I think they’re trying to work out something now short of that. But I don’t know the details.”