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The Southwest Airlines magazine Spirit does a spread on folks with multi-faceted careers. And it includes a profile Assemb. Harvey Weisenberg (D-Long Beach), with a photo of him on the beach running in a suit. The full spread is available by clicking here. In part the text reads:


Age: 76

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Location: Long Beach, New York

Occupations: Assemblyman, lifeguard

Mantra: “The  things I love most  in life don’t  cost money.”

Much like Superman drew his energy from the sun, Harvey Weisenberg owes at least some measure of his political success to the sea. Every morning between Memorial Day and Labor Day, the 76-year-old New York assemblyman leaves his district office and climbs the lifeguard tower at the Westbury Beach Club, a routine he’s kept up since he was a teen. Before he returns to the office, where he often stays until late in the evening, Weisenberg swims for at least one hour.

“Energy makes energy,” he says. “If I don’t get to the beach, I’ve got a void that I need to make up for. The best part of my day is being able to dive into the ocean.”