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The yak is all about Congressional races and the scrap for governor, as well as the junior US Senator's position. Still flying, for the most part, below the radar: Senior U.S.Sen. Charles Schumer's  bid for a third term. Comedian Randy Credico (left at rear in photo) has come forward to challenge him on the Democratic line. He's also seeking the Libertarian nod, having been an advocate of drug decriminalization as a former addict.

Among several unusual statements in a wide-ranging conversation last week, Credico called Schumer a Copperhead Democrat and vowed a hunger strike if he doesn't get to debate the senator. He once showed up at the Capitol in Albany dressed as Diogenes in search of an hontest man.

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"I'm glad I don't have to face me" in the race, he said. "I wouldn't want to have to face me."

Martin Chicon, from Washington Heights, let it be known last week he's seeking the Republican nomination, proposing a number of unusual tax-elimination measures.  GOP leader Ed Cox has promised a substantive candidacy against Schumer.

There's also a Web site to draft TV commentator Larry Kudlow, also a rehabilitated addict. 

John Faso, the former Assembly Republican leader, argued Schumer is vulnerable, though Faso isn't a candidate. Schumer's spokesman declined to comment.

How often do you get two US Senate races on a single ballot? The reason you do this year is that Kirsten Gillibrand was appointed in the interim to replace Sen. Hillary Clinton last year until this year's special election for her seat could be held. Schumer is running on the ordinary cycle -- he won election in 1998 and 2004.

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