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Historically, there have been Democratic Party understandings, and deals, and “ticket-balancings”, that assigned different public offices to candidates of different ethnicities or different geographic parts of New York state. But could there be a “Park Ridge seat” in the U.S. Senate?
Park Ridge, as its official Web site says, is “a picturesque suburb of 37,775 residents, located 15 miles northwest of downtown Chicago.” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who was New York’s junior senator, hails from Park Ridge.
Now, other than 2006 Clinton challenger Jonathan Tasini, the only long-shot Democratic hopeful for the job — currently held by Kirsten Gillibrand — is an Ithaca oral surgeon named Scott Noren — born April 7, 1960 in none other than Park Ridge.
If Noren appears on the primary ballot and Gillibrand beats him, she’ll be repeating history in another obscure, if not totally insignificant, way.
In her first run for the seat in 2000, Clinton defeated (by a lot) Mark McMahon, an orthopedic surgeon. And McMahon's father was a dentist.