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UPDATE: Cuomo’s office announced Thursday the governor has cancelled this trip due to the fatal train crash in Hoboken, N.J.

ALBANY — Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said Wednesday that he will travel to Israel to attend the funeral of former Israeli President Shimon Peres.

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It will be the second trip to Israel for Cuomo. In 2014, the Democrat visited Jerusalem and Gaza to, he said, show support during the latest flare-up of tensions between Israelis and Palestinians. Cuomo also was running for re-election that year.

Here is the governor’s statement announcing his trip:

“New York is home to more than 1.7 million Jews — the largest Jewish community outside of Israel in the world — and the community is mourning the loss of a larger-than-life figure. Former President Shimon Peres was a leader and a statesman, and an especially wonderful friend to all of us. He will be missed dearly. Tomorrow, I will be traveling to Israel for President Peres’ funeral to pay my respects on behalf of all New Yorkers. New York has always had a special relationship with Israel, and this trip will ensure that our state has an opportunity to say goodbye to President Peres and honor his devotion to the people of Israel and Jews across the world.”