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ALBANY - Gov. Andrew Cuomo directed his education advisers and other experts to recommend changes for Common Core, the national program with extensive testing that has vexed parents and teachers.

"The fact is that the current Common Core program in New York is not working, and must be fixed," Cuomo said in a statement he issued Thursday.

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"We must have standards for New York's students, but those standards will only work if people --  especially parents -- have faith in them and in their ability to educate our children. The current Common Core program does not do that. It must."

Cuomo said he will seek recommendations from his experts and others called in from the field. Cuomo said he will present them at his State of the State in January, which will frame the 2016 legislative session.

That's an election year for legislators and many have strongly criticized the state Education Department and Board of Regents for its rollout of the national education reform. Many parents said their students and schools were ill prepared for the higher standards and the tests that measure students' progress.