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A new television ad from congressional candidate Anna Throne-Holst pushes back against her Democratic primary opponent David Calone’s attempt to tie her to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Throne-Holst’s ad highlights her endorsement by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and former Rep. Tim Bishop. In the ad, released Thursday, she calls Trump “a racist, a sexist and represents everything I fought against in my life.”

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Calone, a venture capitalist, on Wednesday released an ad on cable television that criticized three donations Throne-Holst, a former Southampton Town supervisor, made to the Suffolk Conservative Party, which supports Trump.

Throne-Holst’s ad shows her talking to the camera. “Have you seen Dave Calone’s TV ad saying I support Donald Trump? Dave, if that were true, do you think Sen. Gillibrand and Congressman Bishop would be supporting me? Donald Trump is a racist, a sexist and represents everything I fought against in my life. I’m a progressive Democrat. I’m pro-choice, pro-environment and worked my entire career to create opportunities for everyone. I approve this message because Dave knows he’s wrong.”

Calone campaign spokesman Rahul Kale has said the Calone ad never said she endorsed Trump, but highlighted her ties to a “not-progressive” party and that she became a Democrat last year. She was previously an Independence Party member.

Throne-Holst spokesman Andrew Grunwald said the ad would run on cable television.