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Republicans in Long Island’s Assembly delegation say their school districts aren’t getting a fair share of state aid, advancing a long-shot argument to boost their case.

The 12 Republicans say, in part, the Island districts should get 17 percent of state aid because they educate 17 percent of the state’s students — even though state school aid has never been doled out that way.

In the ways of divvying up money at the State Capitol, Long Island’s “traditional” share of school aid is 13 percent — a level it achieved last year.

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In his 2013-14 spending plan, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo proposed allocating 12.2 percent to Island schools.

“Once again, the governor is seeking to disproportionately pick on Long Island’s schools and, once again, I’d like to remind the governor that Long Island is not the piggy bank for the rest of the state,” Assemb. Al Graf (R-Holbrook) said in a news release announcing the GOP’s online petition to boost Island school aid.

 Democrats outnumber Republicans in the Assembly, 107-43.