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The big political question for Nassau County Democrats is: what happens to state Senate candidate David Mejias, arrested Wednesday on charges stemming from some sort of domestic dispute, details unknown at this point.

Mejias is the party favorite against longtime incumbent Republican Kemp Hannon in the 6th SD, centered in Garden City.

The county Democratic organization has waged a fierce battle against his Democratic primary opponent, Francesca Carlow, the owner of a Plainview hardware store who has been very active in community affairs for decades.

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Attorneys for Carlow said Wednesday that despite court rulings in her favor, the county organization is pursuing its challenge against her. That effort included subpoenaing 20 of her supporters to testify at the court hearings last month on challenges to her nominating petitions.

With control of the state Senate hanging in the balance, Mejias would be a fairly reliable Democratic vote. But if the arrest forces him to drop out, or fatally damages his candidacy, and if Carlow can beat Hannon, the senate would have a new member beholden to neither party.

  UPDATE: The Carlow campaign said it was seeking more information about the arrest and would have no immediate comment.