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ALBANY -- Republican nominee for governor Rob Astorino on Wednesday called for term limits for statewide officials and legislators in Albany.

Astorino calls for the governor, comptroller, attorney general and lieutenant governor to serve no more than two four-year terms. Legislators would be able to hold office for four two-year terms.

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“Eight years is enough for anyone to serve in state government,” Astorino said Wednesday in his latest Internet video.

He said the announcement was prompted in part by Tuesday’s news that U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara has told the Legislature to hold all its communication related to Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s Moreland Commission. Cuomo’s office won’t say if it also received the notice. The governor ended the corruption commission in March when he struck a deal with the Legislature for some of his ethics proposals. The commission’s investigations were stopped and turned over to Bharara.

“It almost doesn't shock us -- things have become that ugly in Albany,” Astorino said. “But when the commission that was supposed to clean up corruption is itself corrupted, something's got to be done.”

“Even the best elected officials become compromised over time in Albany -- not all, but enough to drag us down,” he said.

Term limit proposals have often been proposed by challengers in Albany, but have never gotten far in the Legislature. Opponents of term limits argue that voters have a chance to limit a politician's term every election.