Attorney: Freeport portion of Hooper-Mangano aid pact paid off

Assemb. Earlene Hooper (D-Hempstead), the deputy speaker, speaks Assemb. Earlene Hooper (D-Hempstead), the deputy speaker, speaks to Hempstead residents during a public forum on May 8, 2014. Photo Credit: Danielle Finkelstein

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Nassau lawmakers last week authorized an “emergency” $624,800 grant to Hempstead Village -- reflecting part of a three-year-old agreement that hadn’t been fully executed between County Executive Edward Mangano and Assemb. Earlene Hooper (D-Hempstead), the deputy speaker.

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Mangano’s office has since been silent on where that left another part of the 2011 agreement, requiring $500,000 in county funds for Freeport.

Now village attorney Howard Colton tells Newsday’s Celeste Hadrick that the county waived its earlier $500,000 claim on a land parcel along Sunrise Highway that the village seeks to sell -- apparently fulfilling that part of the unusual bargain.

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