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She may be the Democrats’ candidate and she may have re-registered as an Independence Party member. But Brookhaven town board member Kathleen Walsh is also planning to run a Republican primary against the GOP designee Kevin LaValle, a legislative aide and brother of the Suffiolk Republican chairman John Jay LaValle.

Walsh said she filed petitions with about 800 sigantures with the Suffolk Board of Elections last Thursday and can run a GOP primary because she is still officially a Republican until after Election Day when her change to the Independence Party takes effect.

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Jesse Garcia, Brookhaven Republican chairman, called her bid “the height of hypocrisy,” in light of her defection, but is confident third district Republican voters will back LaValle an aide to Legislature Thomas Muratore.

Walsh said she believes she has a good shot at winning the GOP primary even though she is exiting the GOP ranks. “What I’m leaving is the leadership,’ she said. “The Republicans in the community have supported me in the past and a Still have a great relationship with a lot of them.”