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County executives and legislators and DA's across Long Island might not wish to kid themselves into thinking that police issues aren't political issues with which they will need to wrestle.

In Suffolk, the chief of police is under investigation for what were, apparently, highly irregular actions in a theft case that affected him personally. What turns out to have happened — not if but when the facts come in — has the potential to roil top players.

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The beginnings of that story are described here.

In Nassau, the obviously disgraceful circumstances that led up to a pair of off-duty police "unlawfully" (per internal investigators) shooting a cabdriver in a wild road-rage incident in Suffolk might be matched by the disgraceful circumstances that followed. The disturbing questions won't stop at the officers but questions range to the top echelons of the counties. Saying "oh those union rules" and "we can't comment on pending litigation" just won't cut it.

Here's the latest on that episode — which is only beginning to germinate.