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NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg endorsed President Barack Obama for re-election.  So? Here's why the word superfluous comes to mind:

1. The five boroughs are so far from being relevant Romney territory that those who voted for Bloomberg are probably voting for Obama anyway. And New York isn't believed to be in play.

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2. Bloomberg's relevance is largely based on his bankroll, and it's too late for Super PACs.

3. With a little more than a year left to his term, the mayor has been fighting off one administrative problem after another at City Hall, from policing controversies to agency glitches of a wide variety.

4. Bloomberg tends to pick and prefer people based on personal relationships, which may or may not matter to other voters.

5. Usually it is treated as big news when one major-party figure crosses the divide to endorse someone from the other party. But Bloomberg was a Democrat before he turned Republican to gain ballot access in 2001, and was a Republican only until 2007 when he dropped party affiliation. Bloomberg seems to like incumbent presidents generally, starting with his hosting of the Bush-GOP re-election convention in 2004 at Madison Square Garden.