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Brookhaven Town board member Kathleen Walsh’s top aide, George Lessler, had his Civil Service waiver extended, allowing him to collect his full $58,650- a-year town salary while receiving his state pension — but only to June 30.

Walsh asked for two more years on the waiver that Lessler, former Suffolk deputy sheriff union president, has had since 2006. Without the waiver, he could only earn $30,000 as an aide. The state Civil Service Commission last month granted six months — and demanded "a more substantive and wide-ranging recruitment effort" for the job. More specifically, the commission stated: “The limited period ... was granted with the stipulation that the appointing authority conduct a more substantive and wide-ranging recruitment effort including posting on the town Web site and the county civil service department.”

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Walsh’s application said the town got 35 newspaper ad responses, but all lacked the community, labor and law-enforcement background she sought. Walsh said, "I’m not sure how much more extensive we can get."

Earlier this year, Walsh helped create a land-management specialist job for Lessler’s son John and recently hired the son of ex-con and ex-Suffolk GOP chairman John Powell as an aide.