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The show will not go on.

Late last night, Republican congressional candidate Nick Di Iorio and his campaign manager Joe Shippee withdrew their request for an FEC advisory ruling on whether they could turn their longshot campaign into a reality show.

That withdrawal was disclosed this morning when the Federal Election Commission members met to discuss and vote on a draft advisory opinion in response to their request.

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That ends the amusing notion of turning Di Iorio's self-admittedly slim-to-none chance of defeating the entrenched Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-Manhattan) into a reality show that Shippee floated in a July 3 letter to the FEC.

Shippee's two key questions were: Can we do it, and can we get paid to do it?

A draft opinion actually gave the green light for a series that would be shot during the campaign but not shown until after the election. But the draft said that neither the candidate nor his staff could be paid for doing the show.

The commissioners indicated they would have likely voted to approve that draft, but that became moot once the draft was withdrawn.

"Since the request was withdrawn, there will be no binding specific precedent on this issue.  It’s not at all uncommon for advisory opinion requests to be withdrawn if the requestor doesn’t agree with the conclusions of the draft advisory opinion," said Brett Kappel, an election law attorney at Arent Fox.