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ALBANY - Cardinal Dolan's latest round of lobbying Albany's most powerful politicians on Monday included his usual touch of humor in a Capitol where there is little of that these days.

"I remember you!" the nation's Catholic leader called to a veteran woman reporter as he waded with a big smile into a phalanx of reporters.

"Really?" she said, wondering what he was referring to.

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"Yes!" he responded. "Remember that New Year's Eve?" Dolan deadpanned, to laughs from reporters.

Later in the news conference, a reporter asked Dolan to weigh in on the public sniping between Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

"I like them both," Dolan said, carefully sidestepping the question about his two political partners, each of whom is vocal about their pride in their Italian heritage. "You see, the Irish wouldn't do that!"