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Citing Detroit’s bankruptcy, Sen. Jack Martins is kicking off a series of hearings on distressed municipalities. The first two are set for Syracuse (today) and Buffalo (Thursday), the city President Barack Obama will visit this week.

“Detroit presents a worst-case scenario for municipalities everywhere facing similar concerns, but it is not alone,” Martins (R-Mineola) said in a statement. “Many of our municipalities right here in New York are being crushed by overwhelming long-term debt and structural budget shortfalls. Governing Magazine states that there have been 36 municipal bankruptcies since 2010, including Detroit, a fact that has left many wondering whether it can happen here in New York. By attempting to address these concerns, these hearings are not only timely, but extremely important.”

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The third hearing is slated for Garden City a week from today. It is scheduled for 10 a.m. at the Theodore Roosevelt Executive and Legislative Building. Testimony is limited to invited speakers. Martins chairs the Senate Local Government Committee.

 Obama will make three stops in upstate New York as part of a push for his economic agenda. Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo will meet him at Buffalo, the first stop, but won't travel to Syracuse or Binghamton.