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Whoever Saul Kessler is, he's in the spotlight. And out of fairness, we have to update this.

In Orthodox Jewish Borough Park, he called a campaigning Anthony Weiner something akin to a “dirtbag.” * Of course he isn’t the first to say that, but the overexposed candidate erupted -- as is often the case -- in a fit of righteous indignation because his man-on-the-street antagonist made the comments AFTER he left, and behind his back.

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*Update: A fuller tape-recording released by Weiner includes Kessler grumbling to the women behind the counter and saying 'married to an Arab.'  In fact he didn't at that time speak directly to him, until Weiner lost it and flushed him out. That is presumably what set him off.

After Weiner called him out, a self-composed Kessler came into the light, as you can see from the video below, and in front of the cameras and microphones, essentially schooled Weiner, if nothing else, in how to debate. Kessler stuck to his message -- that Weiner should think of his wife, go home, and get a job, because his public antics were a disgrace.

At this point, it was as if Kessler was the seasoned candidate and Weiner the raving heckler, trying to play the “don’t judge me” card. The longer video is above the shortened one with which we were initially working. The first passive-aggressive "exchange" is at 3:54.

Mobile users: View the longer video from Anthony Weiner at vimeo.com/73808311#

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Untitled from Anthony Weiner on Vimeo.




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