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The six-month mark of Edward Mangano’s tenure as Nassau County executive is fast approaching and he still does not have a deal on how to proceed with fixing the property tax assessment system.

Mangano said repeatedly during his campaign last summer and fall that he had a plan to fix the system, but then he appointed an Assessment Review Team in January to help him come up with possible solutions and report to him by the end of June.

Almost four months later, without waiting for the ART team to make recommendations, Mangano unveiled proposed legislation on May 7th that would require an owner of a commercial property to promptly submit a certified appraisal or make a good-faith counteroffer to what the county assessor said the property was worth.

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A property owner who did neither and wanted to appeal the assessment would be hit with a $5,000 fine.

Shortly after that, the members of the ART group representing commercial owners openly rebelled and testified before the county legislature on May 17th against Mangano’s bill and it stalled.

And that’s where it stands with barely a week to go before Mangano hits the six-month mark and the end-of-June due date for the ART report.

Neither ART members not Mangano’s people are talking for the record, but both sides concede they are at loggerheads.

One of the concerns, according to sources, is that ART members do not want to cut a deal with Mangano that bring them on board, and he then tries to get state legislation that would go beyond whatever they agree on.

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