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With his indictments of state lawmakers stirring corruption concerns anew, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said last week of the recent Albany session: "I think it's astonishing -- speaking as a citizen -- that notwithstanding all the cases we brought this year, and that other prosecutors have brought, that not one thing changed with respect to the legislature."

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"If you look at what they did, it's -- what's the formal phrase? -- bupkes." (Yiddish for sheep droppings or beans). All branches of government, and news media, Bharara said, must "bring some reform to the process."

His shot at the Legislature was mostly overshadowed by the political story of the week: Former Gov. Eliot Spitzer -- who once railed about reform before needing some himself -- running for city comptroller. For his part, Bharara shared no plans to run for elected office as have others from the Southern District.