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Given the thousands of NYC uniformed-service employees who reside in Nassau and Suffolk and in the northern suburbs, it was reported here on Friday that mayoral candidate William C. Thompson Jr. says if elected he'd look to restore the NYPD headcount to 37,000 officers -- though it wouldn't be done immediately.

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Richard Aborn, president of the non-profit Citizens Crime Commission in the city, was asked for his view. He said on Thursday that while “knowing the exact number that’s right is not an exact science, there is a growing sense that we’re getting very low. You see areas where you just can’t get enough coverage on a particular tour.”

The city's current authorized level of 34,500 sounds less ample when broken down to its three eight-hour tours per day, vacations and days off, training, and counter-terrorism duties, Aborn noted. He was quick to add that the NYPD in recent years has done “a phenomenal job with fewer cops.”