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Now for a Long Island follow-up to the posting earlier Tuesday on Gov. Chris Christie downplaying Rob Astorino's chances of beating Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo. Astorino, at a news conference with Democrat Zephyr Teachout broadly branding Cuomo as abetting corruption, said he didn't know if Christie had an understanding involving factual cover-ups with the New York governor but suggested Christie should consider quitting as chairman of the Republican Governors Association if he doesn't want to play that role properly.

Republican D'Amato, who's been supportive of Democrat Cuomo for years, said: "I strongly urge Rob Astorino to apologize for calling two distinguished governors, Chris Christie and Andrew Cuomo, corrupt. With little resources to mount a serious campaign and with dwindling support, Rob Astorino isn't in the position to be picking fights and doing gimmicky press conferences. He should go out and show us that his campaign is not a 'lost cause.' ”