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Without making any accusations, NYS Conservative Chairman Michael Long suggested, in a conversation over the weekend, the possibility as suspected by others that Suffolk Executive Steve Levy may be serving a "stalking horse" for the widely-presumed Democratic candidate for governor Andrew Cuomo by allowing the latter "more time" to jump into the fray for the top spot. Long noted that as he travels the state, Levy, as an "exploratory" candidate, does not seem to assess Cuomo's policies or visions for the state. For his part, even as Lazio taunts him as a "Shelly Silver Democrat" (having served as a Democratic Assemblyman) Levy has held to his positive message that he thinks he has the skill set and the fiscal plan to set the state on the right course. Long also cited the possibility that Levy gains from the exposure in terms of building up for his own future reelection for county executive.