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Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Monday he had watched "the lunacy that's going on in Congress" this weekend over the federal government shutdown, contrasting it to what he called the more functional politics in Albany.

"Government is about finding the commonality, finding the compromise. Government is about moving forward," Cuomo said in front of about 20 North Fork officials at Orient Beach State Park. "It's not about standing still while everyone gives their political speech and the people of the nation suffer."

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He compared the situation in Washington to prior years in Albany, where state budgets were delayed, calling it the "annual fiasco when the state went to do its budget."

"I can see how politics can overtake government. And the political forces win," Cuomo said.  

 "It's not that we don't have tough issues. It's not that we always agree. We promised each other years ago, we were not going to allow politics to overtake the government. We're Democrats and we're Republicans, but we're New Yorkers first, and we're going to act that way."