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ALBANY -- A day after New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio bristled that the city was being treated “like a colony” by state government, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo referred to the state’s biggest city as just one of many “subdivisions” that can’t be allowed to make all its own decisions.

“The state is treating the city like a city,” Cuomo said Wednesday. “It’s a city. We have cities, we have counties, we have villages. We have a state and we have a constitution and the constitution says some matters are best managed statewide, as opposed to allowing subdivisions of the state to come up with autonomous decisions.”

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The continued clash between New York’s top Democrats came as Cuomo has rejected two of de Blasio’s biggest proposals in the mayor’s first two months in office.

Cuomo has rejected de Blasio’s plan for a separate and higher minimum wage in the city. On Wednesday Cuomo said de Blasio’s plan to expand pre-kindergarten only in the city was “repugnant” to the theory of equity in public education.

On Tuesday, de Blasio complained the city shouldn’t be “treated like a colony that doesn’t even get to decide its own future.”