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ALBANY - Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo on Thursday confirmed he is making a big offer to General Electric Co. to move its headquarters to New York from Connecticut, but won't say what he's promised.

"I'd rather not talk about what I put on the table because maybe another state would hear that and then discount what I put on the table," Cuomo said at a press event in Utica. "So I'd rather not comment -- but a lot of love was put on the table, I want you to know."

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Ctpost.com reports that Connecticut Gov. Daniel P. Malloy, a fellow Democrat, is preparing an aggressive counter offer.

Cuomo made a personal pitch to GE executives on July 30.

GE, which has a long history of growth in New York, has said the company is talking to several states.

"We have formed an exploratory team to assess the company's options to relocate corporate headquarters," GE said. "The team is currently engaged in the process and is taking many factors into consideration. When there is a final decision on relocation, we will communicate it publicly."