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ALBANY - Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said Thursday he's sticking by Hillary Clinton, even if another pal, Vice President Joe Biden, decides to run for the Democratic nomination president.

"I support Hillary Clinton's campaign wholeheartedly," Cuomo said after addressing a police union convention in an Albany suburb. "I know her for a long time. I support her. I also know the vice president. I know him to be a good man and a good elected official. It doesn't mean to be that you support one person means you hate the other person."

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Clinton, of course, has been the Democratic front-runner for 2016, although Biden reportedly is considering a run.

A day earlier, Cuomo said a Biden candidacy wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing for his party.

"If he did run, I think all Democrats would be in a bind because they would have a choice of a number of good candidates," Cuomo had said. "But that's a good situation to be in, right?"

Cuomo served as federal housing secretary under President Bill Clinton. But he's also had good relations with Biden, who teamed with the New York governor recently to announce funding for upgrades at LaGuardia Airport.

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Cuomo added he thought for Hillary Clinton "will continue to build."

Hillary Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders? Now, that's another question, Cuomo said.

 "I don't think there is any comparison between Hillary Clinton's credentials and qualifications and positions and Bernie Sanders," Cuomo said of the insurgent Democratic candidate. "I do not see that as a close call, no."