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 One of the hallmarks of a seasoned pol at a press conference is to take a question and start unsolicited to dissect and rework it for the reporter – thus building a verbal bridge to the answer the subject is prepared to give.

Here's a most Cuomo-esque Andrew Cuomo, asked by WSJ reporter Jacob Gershman if he’s an insider or outsider, prior to marching in yesterday’s “Salute to Israel” parade, where Cuomo was largely applauded…

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“We use those words – are you an insider, are you an outsider, are you an upside downer…
“Do I believe I’ve been representing the people of the state for the past three years? Yes.
“Do I think my agenda for this state is an agenda that’s in the best interest of the people? Yes.
“Do I think I know how state government works? Yes.
“And do I think that’s an asset? Yes.
“Do I know how the federal government works? Yes.
“Is that an asset? Yes.
“Do I know how the private sector works? Yes.
“Do I bring experience in the federal government, state government and the private sector? Yes.
“But do I represent the people of the state?…One hundred percent.”

(In photo, that's the candidate and his daughter Cara, 15, being interviewed by Josh Robin of NY 1).