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In a display of political strength -- and a further sign she plans to run for attorney general -- Nassau DA Kathleen Rice announced that her campaign finance filings due this week will show $2.4 million on hand, of which $1.4 million was raised in the past six weeks.

The quotes come from her spokesman Eric Phillips, who recently moved to the payroll of her political operation from that of her public office:

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“For a woman who's not yet even a candidate for higher office, these numbers are an indication of voters’ interest in her progressive, yet tough record of crime-fighting and reform. She’s still focused completely on her job as the DA."

“This money is a clear indication that the DA’s support is widespread and that she’s capable of putting together the resources to affect real change in our state. District Attorney Rice is a reform-minded progressive Democrat with a tough and smart-on-crime record at a time when the state is facing serious challenges.  I think people are drawn to her experience as a lifelong prosecutor and someone who’s willing to institute real progressive change and ethical and financial reform in this state.”

Democrat Andrew Cuomo is widely expected to vacate the AG job to run for governor.