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ALBANY - (Updates with Speaker Heastie comments after meeting with Gov. Cuomo)

As New York lawmakers went into overtime Thursday in the 2015 legislative session, no deals on rent control or other major issues were in sight.

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"We are nowhere near a resolution," Heastie said after meeting with Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo behind closed doors Thursday morning. "I expect to be here tomorrow."

"We're still trying, but I don't have anything new to give you guys," Heastie told reporters, noting talks could go into the weekend.

"If I could predict the future I wouldn't be in this business," Heastie said.

Cuomo and legislative leaders are struggling to find a compromise on affordable rent regulations on which 2 million New Yorkers depend to stay in their homes, mostly in New York City. The law that protects tenants and contains the regulations expired this week.

Cuomo and leaders discussed adding a hodgepodge of unrelated proposals to combine in a package with enough goodies for Democrats and Republicans to support, legislators said.

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The possible mix includes amendments to gun-control laws and teacher evaluations; more charter schools, more money for upstate schools and a tax deduction for donations to private schools; and property-tax adjustments to consider household incomes.

Heastie wouldn't comment on whether he is open to, or flatly opposes changes in the SAFE Act gun control law which is strongly supported by Assembly Democrats from New York City.

"We haven't gotten into any kind of level of discussion on those things," Heastie said. "We just continue to talk."

Like rent-control, the law that gives Mayor Bill de Blasio control over New York City schools also expired Monday.

But now that the deadline is blown, legislators said the only pressure to resolve things quickly is the desire to wind down a tumultuous session that saw the indictment of two legislative leaders.