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If the CBS report of Mayor Bill de Blasio's car running stop signs and violating other traffic laws holds up -- and there's no immediate reason to think otherwise -- then it may mean he's destined to be remembered as a larger-than-life "quintessential New Yorker" since the late Ed Koch, who's lauded that way, was caught pretty much in the same position.

Departing from an event on Staten Island during his tenure, the Koch cars ran red lights, with photos in the Staten Island Advance showing the act. And he was going to City Hall to testify on a hearing regarding the problem of people running red lights. Later he said he hadn't been aware of his driver's actions, had been busy reading or whatever in the back of the car. Maybe de Blasio will use that line of spin as a guide, or won't need to.

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Here's the CBS report.

We're working on surfacing the Koch story.