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Political conservatives and their Tea Party colleagues were somewhat surprised when Nassau County Legis. Diane Yatauro, leader of the Democratic minority,. showed up at one of their events Tuesday night at the Plainview-Bethpage Library, which is not in her Glen Cove district.

“I was impressed,” one Yatauro critic said. “She’s reaching out.”

One of the reasons she might be reaching out beyond her Democratic base is her relatively close electoral shave last fall. She got 7,067 votes while her Republican opponent, Michael Montesano, got 5,922.

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And the fact that two of her Democratic colleagues lost their races last fall, leaving the Democrats out of power in the 19-member legislature.

Yatauro said Thursday she had met with some of the Tea Party leaders during their recent protest when the Republican presiding officer, Peter Schmitt of Massapequa, tried to raise the stipends of legislative leaders.

“I met representatives of the groups which sponsored the other night’s meeting,” she said “They had expressed an interest to meet with me to discuss the county’s financial problems. We met once in my office and they invited me to the other night’s meeting. Out of respect, I accepted the invitation.”