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When New York Democrats voted last October to make Nassau County Chairman Jay Jacobs the party’s statewide chair, he declared: “This is a great time to be a Democrat, not only in New York State, but across the nation.”
Since then, the official with whom Jacobs was most closely associated, County Executive Thomas Suozzi, crashed and burned at the polls. And on Friday, David A. Paterson, the Suozzi-friendly governor key to making Jacobs chairman, quit his own campaign.
As he and other Democrats moved to back Attorney General Andrew Cuomo for governor, Jacobs was asked if he’ll stay as state chairman through this election.
“I would suspect so, yeah. That’s what I’m intending,” he said.
Someone else asked Jacobs about next year, under a new governor.
“This is keeping me very busy, this job,” he replied, smiling. “Can we take one thing at a time?”