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Some Town of Hempstead residents — most if not all of them being Democrats — have started a campaign to roll back the pay raises the Republican town leaders gave themselves.

The campaign, appropriately enough, will be called the Roll Back The Raises campaign. Organizers said they hope to obtain 25,000 signatures on a petition to put on the ballot in November so voters can repeal the raises.

Town Supervisor Kate Murray and town Clerk Mark Bonilla each got a $10,000 raise, and the six council members go $4,500 raises under a measure passed Dec. 15th. (See Newsday story here.) All are elected officials and last received increases in 2007.

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“For the fifth time in a row...Murray and the Town Board gave themselves a pay raise after an election. This time the TOH boards raise came in the midst of the December holidays preventing good government activist from organizing in opposition,” a news release from RBR — not a very catchy acronym — said. “However resident from all over the Town of Hempstead have joined forces to fight this unfair pay raise.”

Town spokesman Michael Deery said Wednesday that, “The Town of Hempstead is the best-run government, and town officials deserve the raises for the hard work they’ve done.”