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Wonder what it’s like backstage at the Democratic National Convention? It’s a labyrinthine journey through a heavy security detail to reach interview rooms stocked like a survivalist’s bunker.

To back up for a second, aides to Rep. Steve Israel (D-Dix Hills) were trying to arrange interviews for the congressman away from all the noise inside the Time Warner Cable Arena.

We wriggled by three security checks to get to the floor. But even Israel and staffers couldn’t get pass the Secret Service detail at the wings of the stage Tuesday night. A guard adamantly refused to allow Israel and entourage through without the right pass.

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Faced with a roadblock, one staffer quickly hooked his pass around my neck and another to snatch a pass from a third staff to hand to Israel.

We then headed to the back and found a small, cinder block room. On the table were rifles, bottled water and snacks that would almost never go bad in case of an apocalypse. Though slightly jarring at first, the rifles looked like the type a flag-bearing color guard uses. We left them untouched.