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Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo's performance in a makeshift breakfast tent for the New York delegation Thursday morning was just enough, and at high enough volume, to make you think of what he would have sounded like in the big hall.

He sarcastically assailed what he characterized as the Republican message — benefit the rich and it would trickle down. “Been there, done that,” he said, and there would be no return to it. He defended the Obama administration and the party. And with a banner behind him that said, “New York State: Progressive Capital of the Nation,” he led it all back to the local accomplishments as listed.

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There was a bit of a call-and-response to the end, where Cuomo did a “Do you be-LEEVE'' in certain progressive points, one by one, with his audience. It wasn't Mario Cuomo, it couldn't entirely be.

But of course, an oldster couldn't help but think of the 1982 commercial in the governor's race in which the elder said, “Once there was a beautiful man named Ronald Reagan who had a beautiful plan that nearly destroyed us,” in the first days of “trickle-down” themes.

There were a couple of standing ovations. More later.