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The theme, of course, is labor Monday morning at the New York delegation breakfast in Charlotte.

Outgoing state party committee executive director Charlie King and incoming co-chair Assemb. Keith Wright of Manhattan have hailed Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo as having returned progressivism to New York.

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“Under Gov. Cuomo’s leadership, we have restored New York as the progressive capital of America,” Wright said.

So did Stu Applebaum of the retail workers’ union.

United Federation of Teachers president Michael Mulgrew also spoke, linking the civil rights fights of many years to North Carolina’s resisting Voter ID laws and efforts to win public employees’ collective bargaining in what is a “right-to-work-for-less-money state.”

The governor is due to show up later in the week, but Monday, he’s at the annual West Indian parade and festival along Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn. Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver of Manhattan is due here Monday afternoon.

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Long Islanders on hand here include Assemb. Charles Lavine (D-Glen Cove), David Chauvin, with the Zimmerman Edelson communications company, and John Durso, president of the LI Federation of Labor.

Elected officials at the rostrum include Assemb. Hakeem Jeffries of Brooklyn (in photo) who is favored to win a Congressional seat succeeding Democrat Ed Towns.

“The other side thinks that organized labor is the enemy,” he said. “But we know organized labor is our best friend.”

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All, of course, touched on the need to re-elect President Barack Obama.