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ALBANY — State Republican Chairman Ed Cox predicted Tuesday that Democrats’ efforts to win congressional and state elections by associating them with GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump will backfire.

“They’re gonna to regret doing that,” Cox told reporters at the State Capitol. “He is already helping the down [ballot] ticket with respect to our congressional races and some the [state] Senate races I’ve seen.”

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Not surprisingly, the state Republican chairman also is predicting his party’s candidate will score an upset victory on Election Day, despite polls showing Clinton with a roughly 20-point lead in the state. Cox said, “You’ll find a lot of Reagan Democrats coming out to vote for Donald Trump” in November.

That will happen, Cox said, despite Trump not spending much campaign money to speak of in New York.

“It wasn’t money that won Donald Trump the Republican nomination,” he said. “It’s not just money. It’s energy at the grass-roots level.”

Democrats, especially in the state Senate, have been seeking to tie GOP candidates to Trump to bolster their chances. They’ve been using Trump in campaign and fundraising emails in an attempt to regain control of the chamber.