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From Tom Robbins' profile on Steve Levy this week (for the full text click here).

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One of the toughest critiques comes from Paul Sabatino, once a close Levy aide who served as deputy county executive until he and his boss had a nasty split a couple of years back. "When he started out, he looked at issues purely on the merits," said Sabatino from his law office in Huntington Station. "I thought he was the perfect model. You ask questions, you don't rubber-stamp the party line. But over time, as county exec, there was a change. He became obsessed with controlling the media. He surrounded himself with sycophants. I became the only voice that would differ. Which he didn't like. I wasn't being Team Levy."
Sabatino said he broke with Levy over county business: "He said, 'Don't put things in writing.' I said, 'What you are talking about is the way to run Enron.' He just became a different person."