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The Ferret Man is back, taking on Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano this time instead of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

David Guthartz, a Ferrets’ rights advocate from Oceanside, contends that Mangano has reneged on a campaign promise to set up Guthartz’ “Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Ferrets” as a quasi-county agency.

“If he can lie about something as simple and easy to do as this, how can he be trusted with bigger issues?" said Guthartz, who contacted Newsday. Guthartz also has reached out to Suffolk legislators about protecting ferrets.

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Guthartz became known as Ferret Man after he called into Giuliani’s weekly radio show in 1999 to complain about a city ferret ban. The mayor lit into him over “this excessive concern with little weasels” — a tirade that became popular on the Web during Giuliani’s brief presidential campaign.

Mangano had a milder response. While saying he is “impressed with Mr. Guthartz’ passion for ferrets,” Mangano said their protection would “probably fall under a federal umbrella.”

Below, folded into this Ron Paul video,  is a clip of the famous ferret exchange.



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