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Four years ago, former Sen. Alfonse D'Amato endorsed lawyer Bruce Blakeman, a favorite son of the Nassau GOP, for U.S. Senate against Democratic appointee Kirsten Gillibrand. It sounded quite different from the way he did in Time magazine's latest edition, their 100 Most Influential People issue, where he's saying "she'd make a great president."

From this space Jan. 17, 2010:

While Gillibrand is a “good friend,” D’Amato told reporters, “we need more balance in Washington. We have one-party domination.” Later, D’Amato added: “… The fact is she is a party functionary, going with the party, as opposed to with the people. And I don’t think the party is being fair to New York, fair to Long Islanders.”

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Contrast that with today's statements, as reported here by Tom Brune.

That was then. This is now. And consistency is probably the hobgoblin of smaller-time lobbyists than D'Amato.