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WASHINGTON - A young Republican activist from Great Neck who volunteered for Republican president candidates Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney in 2012 filed papers for a super PAC called "Second Chance" a week ago -- from a federal prison in New Jersey.

Adam Savader, 23, mailed a registration for a PAC to the Federal Election Commission on June 24 from the Fort Dix, New Jersey, Federal Correction Institution, where he is serving a 30-month sentence after pleading guilty last year to cyber stalking and Internet extortion, documents show.

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The PAC's papers list a post office box in Great Neck as its address and the address of a website, which has not been created yet. The filing including a note saying the PAC has not set up a bank account to handle money because "we are yet to raise funds."

"Anyone other than a foreign national can run a PAC," said elections attorney Brett Kappel of Akerman, a Washington law firm.

Savader did not respond to a message sent to his PAC's email address.

He was sentenced to prison a year ago April in Michigan. One of his victims, originally from Great Neck, filed a complaint with Ann Arbor police, and the FBI found 15 victims across the country. Savader apologized at his sentencing, according to news accounts.

Savader admitted he hacked into online files of women he knew from high school, college or in politics and found nude photos of them. Then, using an alias, he demanded they send more pictures or he would send the photos he had to their relatives. No pictures were released.

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In addition to working on campaigns for Gingrich and Romney, Savader served as an intern on the campaign of Romney's vice presidential candidate, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Mich.).