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Former U.S. Sen. Alfonse D'Amato, once the state's top Republican, won't be endorsing either of the GOP primary contenders, Tom Maier reports, despite some earlier talk to the contrary.  Some of the gray heads among us might remember 1986 when there was a nonaggression pact between then Sen. D'Amato and then-Gov. Mario Cuomo, at least as stated subsequently by U.S. Sen. Pat Moynihan. But of course,  Nassau's most famous former U.S. Senator is in the private sector and is free to call them as he sees them. He did do a fundraiser for Cuomo.

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Then again, just maybe it's a couple of decades past newsworthy when D'Amato finds Democratic allies or former Democratic Mayor Ed Koch, defeated in a 1989 primary, shills for Republican candidates.