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Gov. David Paterson, on the Don Imus radio show Wednesday morning, live from the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square:

Imus: “Governor, Sen. (Kristen) Gillibrand, who you appointed, when you got in a little jam, threw you under the bus. What’s all that about?”

Paterson: “That’s about whenever you get in a jam, there are people who will throw you under the bus. (laughter from the live audience) I mean, whenever you watch a movie or whenever you read a book about someone who’s in terrible, who’s in a difficult situation, there are always those who do that. They just don’t expect you to get out from under the bus. And when you do, they should be forewarned.” (more laughter)

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Imus: “Oh yeah. I been down that road. So, have you had any conversation with her since then? You ever talk to her?”

Paterson: “It’s hard to talk to anyone when you’re under the bus.”