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A couple of quibbles with Paladino's statement, printed in full here in the last posting, sent via his man Michael Caputo, regarding the dustup over his not saying "dysfunctional homosexual" as phrased in a prepared text:

One, the remarks were distributed to this reporter and others on the scene well in advance of Paladino's arrival.

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Two, if his opposition to gay marriage was inspired by his Catholic belief -- which we have no cause to doubt -- there wasn't a word of it in his remarks today. He didn't mention his religious beliefs or Catholicism at any point.

It should also be noted that Rabbi Yehuda Levin, who squired Paladino in Brooklyn today, is claiming credit for writing the Borough Park speech in which Paladino pledged to fight "obscenity on the net" -- but wouldn't say who wrote the Williamsburg speech.