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Gov. David A. Paterson put out a brief and cogent presentation today with the expected political formula included in his annual budget pitch. Of course, fiscal plans in the current crisis have become a moving target, with so many adjustments required that it always seems to be “budget season” at the Capitol nowadays.

Billions of dollars in cuts to schools and health-care facilities of course loom large. Here is Mr. Madore's account.

“I can’t imagine a more difficult year to be talking about the budget of the state of New York,” Lt. Gov. Richard Ravitch said in opening for the governor. It is “imperative,” he said, that yawning deficit projections be filled “in the most collegial form possible.”
Paterson rang the bells of reckoning. “The mistakes of the past” included “squandering of surpluses, papering over deficits, relying on gimmicks” to finance “unsustainable spending,” he said. “Then the music stopped.”

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Predictably, he evoked light at the tunnel’s end, speaking of how we must “turn these perils into an opportunity to rebuild.”

E.J. McMahon, conservative fiscal activist, called the proposal “just enough to get in a fight with quite a few people but not enough” to curb spending in many areas.